The Series    

H e l l e r w o r k

Hellerwork is a powerful system of structural bodywork and somatic education based on the inseparability of body, mind and spirit. Hellerwork helps you make the connection between body alignment, movement and personal awareness.

During Hellerwork sessions the structural balance of your body is realized through the systematic release of muscle and connective tissue. The deep tissue bodywork technique used by your Hellerwork Practitioner is also known as myofascial release. The bodywork helps to restore your body's optimal natural balance, alignment and flexibility.

Movement education is an integral part of the Hellerwork Series. By becoming more aware of your body habits and movement patterns in every day life and making subtle changes while standing, sitting, reaching or walking etc., you can eliminate discomfort and enhance your sense of physical well being.

Dialogue in the Hellerwork series is designed to help you gain insights into how your attitudes and beliefs influence your body and well being.

What is the Series

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