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The purpose of the tenth section is to establish the overall integrity of the body through working with the joints.


The theme of this section is "Integration." By this we mean revealing integrity that is already there - not adding anything new. We are simply uncovering the natural integrity and balance of the body. Integrity means wholeness, completeness and totality. It comes from the Latin word "integer," which is derived from the verb "tegere" which means "to touch." In that sense, integrity is the experience of being in touch with yourself, and with your wholeness and completeness. Are you beginning to feel your own natural integrity? The joints, which are the main bodily focus of this section, reflect maturity - children have unstable joints and older people have rigid joints. A stable, but freely moving joint is an expression of maturity. In that sense, this section is the embodiment of growing up.

skeletal structure


Anatomy and Structure

Anatomically, the focus of this section is on the major joints of the body: ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and spine. The joints connect the major structural components of the body. They allow us to move, to breathe. Imagine life without joints! The images above show the skeletal system, highlighting its many joints.

  Structurally, the purpose of this section is to release the rotational patterns of the whole body through balancing and aligning the joints. Each person has his or her own unique pattern.



In the drawing above, a young boy breaks his ankle. The ankle heals imperfectly, and the trauma is never released. This is the initial stress that begins his pattern. In this next drawing, we see the same person as an adult, and illustrates the potential impact of such an injury throughout the entire body.
The entire Hellerwork series is designed to release such patterns - the tenth section is the final touch.



In movement, our goal is for you to have the experience of moving as a whole, as an entire, integrated body in every activity of life - walking, running, working, making love, and every other form of action and being. We want you to be able to experience the fluidity and enjoyment of core movement.

Movement Lesson :: Suspended Between Earth and Sky

Take a walk focusing on moving from the core. Use Movement Section 8 to guide you.

Now, imagine a sky hook on the top of your head, reaching into the top of your core and gently suspending your head from the sky. Imagine the slight release that occurs in the spine as your head is delicately lifted off your neck.

As you feel this upward lift, also feel the gentle pull of gravity. Notice how this pull allows your arms and shoulders to release. Feel the sense of being stably connected to the earth.

Now walk feeling these sensations: movement from the core, lifting from the sky hook, and grounding from the earth. You are suspended between the earth and sky. Feel into your joints, and allow this suspension to produce space in them. Notice that each joint feels cushioned. How does this feel? Imagine that you are suspended between earth and sky in all of your movement activities between sessions.

sky hook
Between Sessions
  • Notice the relationship between all of the activities in your life. How is your life an integrated whole? How is it not?
  • Notice your tendency to separate out parts of your life - work, recreation, friendship, etc. - from each other. See if you can release this sense of separation and allow your life and activities to flow. How does this feel?

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