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The eleventh section is different from any other section in the Hellerwork series. The purposes of this section are completion, self-expression, and empowerment. Bodywork is not necessarily a part of this session. Rather, your Practitioner will use a variety of methods to accomplish these purposes so that each eleventh section is truly unique.


The theme of the eleventh section is "Coming Out." We mean this in two ways. First, coming out means taking what you have learned out of your Practitioner's office and into the world. In this section we support you in owning your experience of Hellerwork in such a way that the results of Hellerwork manifest throughout your life. Secondly, coming out refers to allowing your full self expression to radiate through the vehicle of your body. Emotional patterns held in the physical tissue of our body restrict our expression. During the Hellerwork series, much of the physical tension holding these patterns in place has been released. In this section, we support you in becoming conscious of any habits or movement patterns that remain that restrict your expression. We support you in having your body become your ally in your full self-expression.


When something is complete, it is not necessarily over. Often it is only when something has been completed that it can begin to be used and enjoyed. Grain must complete its cycle of growth before it can be harvested, and a violin must be fully crafted before it can be played. We want the Hellerwork series to be absolutely complete for you.

In this section we begin the process of completion by receiving your feedback. Say everything that you want to say about the Hellerwork process; include what you liked and what you didn't like. Tie up any loose ends. Ask any questions that you want to ask about your Hellerwork series. Take this time to complete your relationship with your Practitioner. Fundamentally, we want to do whatever it takes to have you feel absolutely complete about your experience of the Hellerwork series. As this completion occurs, you can fully use the benefit of the Hellerwork series in your body, and throughout your life.


As people go through life and postural patterns become locked in their body, associated patterns of restricted self-expression also become locked in. The body and the personality then work together to limit self-expression. In this section, our goal is to reverse this pattern, and allow your body and your personality to become a different kind of team, each assisting one another to unwind and permit greater self-expression.

Examining your self-expression requires becoming aware of your automaticities and other repeated patterns of bodily self-expression. Are you always smiling? frowning? twitching? tightening some particular muscle? First, you must come to observe these patterns. Then you may begin to discover how these patterns actually cover up what you are truly feeling. Often just observing these patterns - perhaps on video - and then simply not dramatizing them can begin this process of opening up self-expression. No pattern of expression is inherently bad or wrong. It is only when patterns become habitual and limiting that you may want to break loose. As you release such patterns, your expression becomes more natural and fluid and represents your core feeling.


Throughout the Hellerwork series, you and your Practitioner have worked in tandem and have each been responsible for the results that have been achieved. Your Practitioner has taken a specific responsibility for your structural integration and movement patterns that now, in this final session of the series, needs to be turned over to you. This growth in responsibility is what we mean by empowerment.

You are the one who is most in touch with your body, and the expert on what your body needs and on how to support it. We empower you by reviewing the movement lessons, making sure that you are able to release tension and bring balance to your own body as you move through life. In the future, you may want to use your Practitioner as a resource, but primary responsibility for your physical well-being lies with you, as it always did.

This ends the Hellerwork Handbook

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